America's Child

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

September  2008  

Have you ever watched a small child as they reach a point where they’re “brave” enough to wonder away from their mother a few yards, striking out on their own? They no longer feel the need for the security Mom provides.  They’re ready for the world—until something frightens them into reality again and they scurry back—returning immediately to the security of their roots and what they know makes sense in the world.  Millions of Americans were no different after 9/11.

As America incrementally “matured” over the years and became “enlightened” to the more modern ways of liberalism, many struck out on their own leaving behind both the roots of colonial traditionalism as well as those who remained loyal to the old ways.

The ways of our beginnings were antiquated and not reflective of modern man nor tolerant enough of our growing diverse culture.  Our 18th century values just didn’t belong in the 21st century.  A new and freer day was dawning in America and the “freedom” that came with modern liberalism was indeed the wave of our future.  “We must be tolerant of everything and everybody and avoid judging anyone or anything.” [Sell Americans on that philosophy and you can get away with anything] 

Political Correctness was the superficial concept that would ensure no feelings were ever hurt, multiculturalism was the compassionate approach and “tolerance for all,” which really means no standards whatsoever regardless of behavior or beliefs was the demand. 

Illegal aliens should be given amnesty, health care, welfare benefits, education and medical treatment—and be registered to vote of course. 

God was out of favor; free expression was in favor as long as that expression wasn’t so free as to include God.  The state or any place public was not the place for Him or anything related to Him—religion was simply not to be tolerated in public. 

Guns were evil—for individuals—therefore the Second Amendment was being reinterpreted as pertaining only to state sponsored militias—it was never intended to be an individual right—that is until the Supreme Court, by the slimmest of margins ruled otherwise on 26 June.  Sound familiar? 

Then witness the events of 9/11.  What happened to that brave little child of America ’s enlightened age?  Many were seen scurrying back to the values of our colonial past—rejoining the millions of us that had never wandered from those ways.

Religion was suddenly again in vogue.  People who hadn’t seen the inside of a church in decades were making their way to services and learning how to pray again. God was called upon in our moment of need and distress—as He has always been in times of strife.

There was a run on the sale of guns—even by some of the most devout liberals.  Self-defense was back in style and if you noticed, there was hardly a call for more gun control—at least immediately after 9/11.

No calls in support of illegal aliens were heard.  In fact, just the opposite was the cry throughout the land.  “Why have we allowed so many undocumented people in this country?  We’ve left ourselves wide open and vulnerable.”

Some of my fellow pundits were even declaring that “political correctness” was dead! Tolerance and multiculturalism were temporarily relegated to the back seat.

In other words, when the chips were down, more Americans were scurrying back to the security of our colonial roots.  They were frightened and returning to what they knew would provide a solid foundation for their soul.  It was the values of colonial traditionalism that once again made sense in their lives and to which they returned—if even for a short while.

I’ve seen this before in soldiers.  They say there are no atheists in foxholes and that is about as on target as any statement can be.  When life is on the line, man always grasps for that which he knows will unquestionably sustain him and make sense of his out-of-control world. 

This phenomenon should have clearly shown all America where the solid foundation really is for this country and it isn’t found in modern liberalism.  Rather, it’s firmly entrenched in the original ways of our founders and traditionalism.  When people felt threatened, millions wanted to return to those roots of our past where authentic and lasting values can always be found.

What does this really prove if anything?  Probably nothing if you’re looking for court-of-law type proof.  What it proves to me though is something I’ve been writing about for years. The illusion and lies of modern liberalism are just that—illusion and lies.  Colonial traditionalism however is founded upon substance and truth.  

Modern liberalism has no foundation or substance in which man can find anything that will sustain his soul—in good times or bad.  It’s nothing more than an illusion of enlightenment and a way to sell America on a philosophy that will more easily allow its followers to impose their will on America . 

Immediately after 9/11, the traditional values upon which this country was founded however were again shown to be unshakeable and undeniable and will remain so throughout eternity—regardless of liberal spin. 

Whether that little child of modern American liberalism chooses to accept this fact or chooses to deny these basic truths and stray again when their fears subside was never a question of “if” but “when” and “how far” as we’ve plainly seen in the few short years since 9/11.    

At some point however, America ’s child could venture off too far, unable to find his way back when the next tragedy strikes.  At that point, he may indeed be lost…particularly if we elect a radically liberal government in 2008.


Just the view from my saddle…

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