Climate Change And Extinction Are Natures Ways

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

May 2007


How many out there really believe the fanatical environmental movement in Washington is spawned by a sincere concern for the planet?  If you raised your hand, I hate to burst your bubble but for the real answer, follow the money and power then watch where it leads.

Let’s consider two examples: the climate crusade and animal activism.

The mantra of political climate crusaders at one time was global cooling.  When that didn’t align with historical facts, the cry from Al Gore and his ilk became global warming.  Now that this isn’t selling universally given record lows around the world, the battle cry we hear today is climate change.

Well let’s talk about those historical facts Al.  Our climate’s been changing since the beginning of time and long before man ever walked the earth or drove an SUV.  We’ve gone through periods of warmth that turned into the ice age that returned again to a period of warmth.  Were that not the case, how do you explain fossils of tropical vegetation that are found in the Arctic Circle ?  Or how do you explain the ice age glaciers retreating north as the earth warmed before industrialization existed?

Without getting into a lot of scientific mumbo jumbo, the temperature of the earth is determined much more by fluctuating solar emissions than by any man-made emissions.  That’s just the basic truth of it—a fact that doesn’t quite fit the purpose of the modern political climate crusaders like Mr. Gore.  What does fit as an explanation for this phony campaign is rooted in power and control.

Capitalism is based on free choice, free markets, private property and private control over the means of production…i.e. industry and manufacturing. Socialism, fascism and communism are the antitheses of that freedom.  Under those systems, government exercises control over the markets and industry.

If politicians can convince you that it’s those greedy capitalists that are killing the atmosphere and as a result, we’ll all die, they hope to inspire a scream from the masses, in the bastardized name of “democracy,” for government to “do something.”  They will then step in and take control of our means of production…in order to save the world…of course. 

Climate crusaders are simply using this indirect approach as a way of taking control over industry and manufacturing.

Now let’s consider this “animal activist” charade.  I’m supremely sick of all these groups that think we should preserve every species on earth forever at the expense of the lives and land of the people who bear the impact today. 

The facts of nature are indisputable and these ecological con artists should just admit it.  The coming and going of plant and animal types is nature’s way of renewing the earth and has been since time began.  Most species have or will become extinct at some point along eternity’s timeline; it’s been that way for billions of years.  So why do we think modern man can or should even try to alter nature’s plan?  That’s pretty presumptuous of us isn’t it?

Since the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency and the passing of the Endangered Species Act, many more human rights have been dismantled and people’s lives destroyed than any other living species on earth.  In short, private property, the very foundation of a free society, is now subject to extreme government control under the guise of plant and animal conservation.  What does that tell you about the underlying purpose of this movement?

Don’t be taken in by all this deception sold in sound bites on the evening news.  Extinction of a species is the natural cycle of things.  What is not nature’s way is the extinction of mans inalienable rights. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what this “environmental movement” does.  

Let’s just lay this out for all America to see.  When you boil down this incessant “made-for-TV-feel-good-ism” what’s left is the underlying political objective of the environmental and animal rights facade—the establishment of more government control over private property, the means of production…and people, not the protection of animals or the earth’s atmosphere. 

I don’t know of one American that advocates the deliberate destruction of the earth or the intentional obliteration of any plant or animal—I certainly don’t.  But, if you were to believe the ramblings of some of these eco-groups, such destruction is central to the capitalist philosophy and a threat to all.

The real threat to America lies under the covers of this deceitful movement.  Ironically that threat is freedom’s destruction in the name of America ’s preservation, not the possibility that some fish might cease to exist or the temperature might change by a degree or two. 

I have little, if any, patience or respect for those that attempt to insult our intelligence with such a transparently phony cause as theirs, especially when the truth can clearly be seen in the human suffering that results from such dishonesty. 

The species experiencing the most harm from this crusade is man.  His rights are increasingly forfeited to a freedom-grabbing gang that uses any tear-jerking lie, popular cause or trumped up excuse to instill more control over the good people of this great country.

So let nature take its course with the suckerfish and snaildarter—and by the way, I like warm climates that’s why I live in Florida !  And finally, to blazes with these eco-liberals who are just some manipulated front for a socialistic movement intent on destroying our liberty in the name of preserving our climate or preserving some animal whose time has come to fulfill nature’s plan for renewing the earth.

Just the view from my saddle…

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