Courage Of Conviction Is The True Spirit Of '76

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

February  2008  


"To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing."  As I see it, that quote from Justice Clarence Thomas applies very well to many of those running for President these days just as it applies to a multitude of Americans who spinelessly let politicians at all levels get away with poll-driven “criticism avoidance campaigns.”  

Justice Thomas gave a courageous speech on February 13, 2001 at the Francis Boyer Lecture for the American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research in Washington, D.C. entitled “Be Not Afraid.” The gist of his message was that we must not be afraid to stand up for what we know is right despite the criticism from the self-proclaimed guiding elite or politically correct of the age.  In fact, personal courage in defense of truth is our sacred and civic duty as shown by the spirit of our founders in those summer months of 1776. 

This is a message particularly close to my heart for it’s one that I’ve written about many times.  I refer to this as having the courage of your convictions. Displaying that courage in today’s America where deceit, hypocrisy, image and creeping socialism seem to rule the day in many sectors of our society isn’t easy—but neither was the task taken on by our forefathers of establishing a free and independent nation.  It’s been said that freedom is never free—I agree.  I would add that not only is it never free, it’s never easy.

No matter the depths of political hypocrisy and deceit, particularly as seen every election year, we’ve got to remain true to our ideological principles and demonstrate the courage of our conviction to truth and those solid ideals that gave birth to America and made it superior to any nation on earth. 

Regardless of the criticism, we can’t surrender to what we know is wrong just because it may be the path of least resistance and thus reduce the heat of criticism.  Keep in mind the source of that criticism is oft times liars and hypocrites.  Do we seek their acceptance so much as to compromise our core beliefs, values and convictions in order to gain the promise of their favor?  I hope not.

Hypocrisy and deceit may own center stage on the liberal side of America but if we remain staunchly committed to a set of ethics based on truth, we will prevail.

Hypocrisy, by its very nature, is built on a foundation of lies, as was the Soviet Union .  The USSR fell under its own weight due in large part to the lies and so it will be with the hypocrites in America today—but only if we remain strong in our beliefs.  And when those frauds fall, who will be there to pick up the pieces if not those who stood strong throughout the battle?  If we give in or give up and either join the hypocrites, ignore or cower from them because it’s the easier road, there will be no one left to pick up the pieces of truth and reaffirm it for posterity.

Standing strong in the face of public pressure to cave in and compromise principle is a difficult test of personal fortitude, commitment and character but it must be done if we are to survive a free nation as originally intended.  Surrendering to lies is a shallow victory but standing up for truth is the strength of character which runs deep.

In today’s modern America , the trend has been to ignore and deny truth under the guise of avoiding judgmentalism, but in doing so we’ve compromised long held standards and moral values.  We must be willing to stand up and tell the truth of it.  Strength to state the truth and not be intimidated is the strength of heroes.

I would like to see a growing wave of unified millions unapologetically state for ALL to hear our conviction to such truths as:

bulletGuns are the tools of freedom, not of evil and the phrase “…shall not be infringed” means exactly that.
bulletModern liberalism is merely re-packaged socialism, communism and fascism disguised in rhetorical images of government promised security—the total antithesis of colonial traditionalism and wholly unacceptable to us. 
bulletWe do not apologize for nor will we ever deny the fact that it was those who fervently sought divine guidance that founded America , and did so upon Judeo-Christian principles.  And they certainly did not write the First Amendment to be used as a basis for running God out of town on a rail of secular atheism.
bulletWe’re a sovereign nation with our own language, traditions and culture and we will never apologize to anyone for our efforts in protecting and sustaining that sovereignty. 

If I could make only one change in our social fabric today it would be to encourage all Americans to be unapologetic vanguards of our traditional principles.  Fervent as were the founders in those beliefs that created this country and made her strong; reaffirming truth from all points on America’s compass, standing tough and never backing down in the face of hypocrisy, deceit, distortion or political correctness. 

Now is always the best time to make that stand because the strength of character in America tomorrow will be determined by the strength of character in Americans today.  

The strongest soldiers I ever knew or read about were uncompromising men of Godly conviction; those who had both strength of character and fervor—and the fortitude to stand boldly and defiantly against evil in defense of those principles. 

“Truth above all” should be our guidepost—unafraid and boldly stated by America ’s patriotic sons and daughters—you who are the spiritual descendants of men like Washington, Madison, Adams, Franklin and Jefferson. 

As the Bible reassures in Matthew 11:18, “Time will prove where wisdom lies” and it must lie within us to know the truth and the courage to defend it and live it.  As a people, we must live by the courage of our convictions if we’re to remain a morally strong, free and independent nation and live at peace with ourselves.

The challenge for us is to go confidently from our place in history armed with truth, as did our founders from their place in history—undeterred, unapologetic, unswerving and uncompromising.  I’d urge all to experience and generate the strength, excitement and freedom that truth in the face of treachery brings to those who live by the courage of their convictions. 

Draw your strength and courage from that Spirit of ’76 and once having taken up the reins of defending, restoring and upholding America ’s principles against those that seek to subvert them—never look back.  Soldier on my friends.


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