God, Guts And Guns

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

January  2008  

“God, Guts and Guns made America great” This little phrase is really insightful when you think about it. The essence of undeniable truth is oft times most profound in simple brevity.  In this case, much of America ’s greatness is summed up in just seven words.  The three elements credited in that expression played more of a role in making America the greatest country in history than most other attributes we can name.  In fact, many other contributing factors sprang from one, if not all three of these.  Give this some thought and you’ll find the truth behind it is apparent.

God:  Our Founders never hesitated in declaring that the Creator was central to all their efforts and their vision for America .  He was fundamental to our culture, our government, our collective morality and yes, even the education of our children in school!  He was the inspiration for all they did and was accordingly credited with the endowment of individual freedom and the unalienable rights upon which this grand republic was founded…period.

Guts:  Lives, fortunes and sacred honor were courageously put on the line so as to give birth to our country and it took similar guts to preserve it over many years.  In both peace and war, ordinary Americans have displayed extraordinary levels of that same courage throughout our history and I challenge anyone to dispute that.  Americans have honorably borne the battle of freedom’s preservation since 1776 in many lands and under many adverse circumstances and they’ve never shirked from showing the valor so characteristic of this great nation.  There is simply no other country on Earth like her and there are no other people on Earth like Americans.    

Guns:  The Founders realized what it took to make America free as well as strong and the gun has always played a vital role.  Let there be no doubt in any mind anywhere; while God was the divine inspiration and guts were the manifestation of that inspiration, guns in the hands of we the people were the essential tools which made and sustained His plan in every time and circumstance. 

For further confirmation of the importance these three elements had on giving birth to and preserving our freedom, you need only look to what has been the focus of attack by those who seek to destroy that freedom.  Since the 1960’s, the period I can best relate to, the liberal left has been fanatically trying to eradicate God, Guts and Guns from America —have they not?

God:  From Madelyn Murray O’Hair removing prayer from our schools to the total fabrication and expansion of this non-existent concept of separation of church and state—God is being run out of town on a rail of atheism.  Such was certainly not the intended way for America or the plan of our Founders—at least as I read history.  How could anyone credibly make the argument that the same Founders who gave full credit to our Creator as the divine source of our unalienable rights would be the same people that sought to constitutionally banish Him from public life???    

Guts:  Some refer to it as the “feminization of America ” wherein our children are schooled in pacifism and subordination at all costs and at every turn.  Don’t fight back; don’t stand up for your beliefs as you might offend someone; be unquestionably submissive to government authority and finally, self-defense has no place in our culture. If the Founders had been so educationally indoctrinated, we would have lost the American dream before it ever began.  Nobody would have had the guts to stand up and make it so or preserve it so. 

Guns:  Ever expanding gun-control laws; the disarming of America ; the demonization of firearms and the negative stigma attached to guns that comes from the enemy within are singularly intent on denying Americans the tools so vitally necessary to freedom’s preservation.

What better evidence that this little phrase conveys truth and legitimacy than its elements are exactly what the enemy within attacks?  How do we fight that enemy you ask? Simple; We the People must unashamedly bolster the foundation of God, Guts and Guns in American society at every individual opportunity.  Do that and I’m convinced the battle will take care of itself.  The enemy within cannot prevail against such strength.  As Patrick Henry said of Americans in whom I share his utmost faith, we the “…people, armed in the holy cause of liberty…are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.”  Soldier on my friends.

Just the view from my saddle…

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