I Refuse To Listen Anymore

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

September 2004

and get aggravated over the 2004 election year horse apple games.

I often get email from solid Americans who are ‘spittin’ nickels mad’ at some ‘political SOB.’  They ask me what I think about this or that regarding what some blathering candidate said now.  This aggravating part of the American political scene goes on in perpetuity throughout the campaign season and really does nothing more than cause a severe disturbance in the force as each and every election cycle runs its course.

This year I thought I’d just write a general response and, like the cowboy’s of old said as they rode behind their cattle, let the chips fall where they may.

I freely admit that in my volcanic youth, I was an avid sentinel of political discourse—critically analyzing, dissecting and challenging just about every weasely word that came from just about every weasely mouth of just about every weasely politician—but not this time.  I already know how I feel about my guy and that, as they say, is that.

The truth of the matter is, there is no way on God’s green Earth I would or could ever vote for “that other guy”.  No matter what he says today it will most likely change tomorrow and no matter how he spins, parses and pirouettes his “positions” depending on who he’s talking to at this particular second, it just won’t change my mind in his favor.  And the same is true for about 80% of American voters—approximately 40% will vote Democrat and 40% Republican—you can just about bank on it.  It’s the 20% who can never seem to understand the question that are the real targets of all this campaign money that’s being thrown about like free seed corn nowadays.

Another thing I already know for certain and as we’ve unquestionably seen so far, there will be more bull chips flying in this year’s games than can be found in any stockyard in the civilized or uncivilized world.  The only thing this bantering back and forth will do is aggravate the bejeebers out of most solid Americans—the likes of which are found riding the SASS circuit. 

So let me turn the Q & A tables around and ask you three simple questions:

1. Is there anything that the opposing candidate can say about your guy that will convince you to shift your vote to him?  I seriously doubt it in this crowd.

2. Does the never-ending diatribe of political spin, double talk and smelly rhetorical fog anger, aggravate and upset you?  I suspect it does.

3. Final question.  Then why put yourself through painful aggravation when you already know what you’re going to do in November?

Well, the view from my saddle tells me to pretty much ignore all this hyped up political twaddle for a change and enjoy life with my family and good time cowboy shootin’ buddies. 

Don’t misunderstand, I haven’t gone the way of the 60’s style hippies who “tuned in, turned on and dropped out.”  I’ll still attempt to educate those poor souls who can’t seem to understand the question and I’ll continue to fight for and strongly advocate those traditional values that gave birth to America over 225 years ago just as I’ve done all my life.  That mission is still a critically important, if not a moral obligation for every solid American patriot in my view.  You just won’t see the old colonel here hanging on and reacting to every carefully crafted, poll based and exceedingly hollow word of this 2004 campaign as I’ve done during previous campaigns.  Life is too short once you blast past 50 to let yourself get unduly aggravated over a few political horse apples in the road when you already know where the real apples are hangin’.

Just the more relaxed view from my more relaxed saddle…





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