My Personal Voting Plan

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

August 2006


Preface to my SASS friends:  I thought long and hard about whether this piece should even be published.  I asked myself, “Who cares about some old traditionalist’s voting plan?”   My question was answered after watching our political leaders abrogate their sacred responsibilities yet again as they gutlessly allowed street marchers to persuade them to ignore the constitutional law of our country and surrender to the outright invasion of America.  The need to express a broad-based belief that it was time for the American majority to take strong action in the political arena convinced me that this essay must be written. After that, the essay wrote itself—as all of mine do when they truly emanate from the depths of my love for our country as this one most certainly does.

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally fed up with seeing some of the most disingenuous, irresponsible, gutless and inept sellouts in our country, Republican and Democrat, repeatedly elected to some of the most critically important offices in our country—like those responsible for national survival.  I’m convinced, more so than at any period in my life, that it’s time to begin cleaning out our political house.  Therefore, I plan to be a principled and very independent voter again this year.

What do you mean colonel?  Once more, I’ll not put any credence whatsoever into what a candidate says rather I’ll see what they actually did and what trail they ultimately rode.  Yesterday’s behavior, not today’s words, provide the better insight into someone’s character and is the best indicator of tomorrow’s actions.  Therefore, I’ll regard all campaign rhetoric as nothing but bull chips plated with fool’s gold.

As we all know, far too many politicians say and promise anything depending on who they’re pandering to at the moment in order to weasel a few votes.  Honor, truth, integrity, America’s security and particularly the Constitution are too often way down the list in determining what they actually do once elected.

I’ll vote based on principles not promises and that may mean voting for a completely fresh slate of major party candidates or third party.

I’ve been watching the political landscape and writing about it since I was a high school sophomore (1964) and in all those years I’ve repeatedly seen conclusive and undeniable evidence that neither established party adheres to the absolute law of the land—our Constitution—even though they’ve sworn an oath to uphold and defend it.

Now I’m certain some will say, “That’s unfair colonel, you can’t paint all politicians with the same brush.”  I reckon so.  That’s why I intend to focus on what candidates do or did and ignore what they say or promise before making my decision—just to be fair.  There may indeed be some ponies in the pile out there that earn my vote rather than assume it or try to convince me they should get it regardless of their past misdeeds.  In any case, the operative word is “earn”—they will have to earn my vote based on principle and accomplishment not promises and speeches.

I know some will tell me that I’m throwing my vote away if I cast a ballot for any third party candidate but my response is two fold—and for me, selecting a candidate based on the lesser of two major party incompetents is not even a viable consideration anymore.  First, how else will people ever get the undivided attention of the established governing body unless we threaten to strip them of that which they hold most dear—political office? Senator Everett Dirksen admitted, “When they [politicians] feel the heat, they see the light.”  If a significant percentage of folks vote for a totally new face within one of the major parties or vote third party, established politicians will feel the heat—guaranteed.  Secondly, and more importantly, if a vote based on adherence to constitutional  principle—the principles our founders lived by, died for and articulated in their documents, is viewed as a lost cause, then admittedly, I’m an anachronistic lost cause.  If that be the case, then I’d say America is lost the day constitutional principle no longer matters to real Americans.  Unconvinced? Then think about where loyally voting along major party lines has gotten us over the years—just where we are today.

Snake Eyes John, SASS# 39553, SBSS# 1787 has a good quote in his SASS Wire signature which goes, “Stand up for what’s right even if you’re standing alone.”  Trooper Snake Eyes John is both courageous and right.

In the final analysis, a person’s willingness to stand on and for principle is what reflects the depth of his character and the height of his honor.  To sacrifice principle when you know what is right is to sacrifice both character and honor.  As Thomas Jefferson said; “In matters of style swim with the current.  In matters of principle; stand like a rock.”  I choose to stand like a rock along side the Founders.

I can’t tell you at this moment who I will be voting for but I can tell you who I won’t be voting for.  I will not vote for:

Those that undermine my right to keep and bear arms through a constant erosion of the II Amendment while paying political lip service to the concept of inalienable rights.   “…shall not be infringed” is all anyone needs to understand.

Those who steal or support the stealing of private property through the bastardization of eminent domain just to enhance government tax revenue.

Those that seek to trade American sovereignty for UN rule.  We are America—period.

Those that publicly oppose such unconstitutional ideas as campaign finance reform before the election then arrogantly vote for and sign it afterwards perhaps hoping to shift the burden of responsibility for killing it to the Supreme Court.  Weak and/or disingenuous leadership is unacceptable at any level and for any reason.

Those that campaign as law and order candidates then continually give criminals more sympathy and consideration than innocent victims and other law abiding citizens.  These hypocrites don’t share my view of right and wrong or crime and punishment.  

Those that criticize their opponent as tax and spenders while advocating fiscal responsibility and tax reform then vote for all manner of bills heavily gorged with pork and other unconstitutional spending.  Such irresponsible raiding of the public treasury is not what I want or what I’ll tolerate in a public official.

Finally and most importantly, those that took a sacred oath to preserve protect and defend then ignore the invasion along our borders.  Too spineless to stand up for America in the face of foreign pressure and too gutless to enforce existing laws, they now lay the groundwork to reward these criminal invaders with amnesty and eventual citizenship. By so doing, they are simply selling out their country for some global attaboys, political favors, votes or cheap labor.  These political panderers are seriously jeopardizing America’s safety, culture and future and are thereby absolutely unworthy to serve, lead or follow. 

I know many may disagree but this is just the personal voting plan from my livid saddle...

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