My View Of An American Patriot

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

March 2004  


Regardless of the period in history, politics or what is considered politically correct by a morally weak, rudderless and wandering trend driven society, there remains a strong and common foundation in authentic American patriots.  One can look through the political fog and the superficially trendy to recognize that throughout our history, there have existed some common characteristics that have always separated genuine American patriots from pretenders.  From my saddle, those characteristics are unmistakable and I would like to share my view of just a few of them.  

An American patriot always looks for guidance and truth in the solid bedrock of our beginnings—his God, our founders and the Constitution.  When spin and lies abound, he can use this trinity to gage the truth about America’s spiritual and political health.

An American patriot never mindlessly flows with the whim of popular sentiment.  Even when those around him stray from the values of our nation’s birth, he remains staunch, oft times in silence, but by personal example, he will eventually lead many back to the traditional ways whether he realizes it or not.

An American patriot never accepts “political correctness” as a version of truth.

An American patriot holds character in higher esteem than experience—worldly experience can be gained by both the good and bad but solid character comes from deep within and is born of a divine spirit.

An American patriot honors self-reliance and lives for independence—even if it proves the more difficult path.  It’s been said that the pathway to hell is wide and easily traveled but the way of honor is narrow and strewn with danger.  A patriot knows this to be true but rides boldly ahead on that narrow path anyway.

When viewing the flag, an American patriot looks past the cloak of politics and sees the faces of those that have gone before and those that stand ready today to defend the dream either as a civilian or a soldier.

An American patriot is one in spirit and heart with those that honorably wear the uniform of his country—past and/or present.

An American patriot will never trade liberty for the promise of security.

An American patriot knows that there are higher values than fame or fortune and he lives his life guided by those higher values.

An American patriot is rightfully skeptical of all who ardently seek power.  Such people have proven too many times in the past to be driven by interests other than those based upon the values that gave birth to our nation.  Our very best leaders have always risen to the occasion and had greatness thrust upon them rather than searching it out or creating situations that selfishly serve their ambitions.

An American patriot is by nature, skeptical of all things political for he has seen the burn marks etched into fellow patriots throughout our history.

An American patriot never accepts the press or a politician at face value.  He questions all and draws his own conclusions as measured against America’s foundation stones—stones upon which his instincts have been finely honed.

God, Family and Country are a patriot’s priorities in life despite modern trends and he unhesitatingly stands firm in proclamation of his principles regardless of who might take exception.  More importantly, he lives each day focused on these priorities in silent, unpretentious dedication to a higher set of standards than those normally found on TV, radio, or in newspapers.

An American patriot remains thankful for having been born in America regardless of the path his current government travels and recognizes that his good fortune comes only by the grace of almighty God.

An American patriot will strive to right his government when it strays from that original path for he accepts such action as his solemn duty to those that went before, to those depending on him today and to his children who are America’s future.

Such characteristics can be found everywhere if you look.  In my personal case, I’ve always found them in the eyes of the American soldier.  I found them in the heart of the American cowboy and I found them in the spirit of family and friends. 

You too can find such character in many who touch your life.  When you do, hold steadfastly to them even if it’s the unpopular course as judged by worldly standards.  If you hold fast, you can rest assured that yours is the same course our founders traveled and you’ll be in some mighty fine company as a result. 

Just the view from my saddle…  




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