No Second Place Friend

Written By

Walton P. Sellers, III

 Note:  This poem was written in July, 1995 by Walton P. Sellers, III, following a visit to the home of the legendary Bill Jordan.  It is meant to be a tribute to a great American,  the like of which we won’t see again.

I’m not a poet, Bill

And that’s very true.

But we’re all here

old friends and new

to share some random thoughts with you.


Meeting you in person

has been quite a thrill.

I can’t forget

the smile on your face as we rode over the hill.


We didn’t have to worry

about a room at the inn.

You opened your home,

and that of Dr. Vernon and Mrs. Glenn.


We all had a lot of good fun

Listening to you describe the attributes

of some type of gun.


Listening to  Col. Jeff De Blanc and you

we learned what really happened 

during World War II.


Bringing you together with

your old buddy Kelly

brought many a chuckle

to shake my belly.


But most of all

last night

when I put my head on the pillon

I thought,

“I’ll be darned.”

“I’ve met the man

who outdrew Matt Dillon!”



What we’re all trying to say

with a very big grin


“El Senor” Bill

Nosotros Te Gustamos Bien!



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