Obama May Just Be The Man We Need

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

May  2009  

I never thought I’d say it, never wanted to say it, fought vigorously against having to say it as you all know, but now I must say it…Barrack Hussein Obama may do more in the long run to put America back on track than any other politician on the national scene today.  I think he may do more for restoring the traditional cause than whomever the GOP could have nominated in 2008 or may nominate in 2012.  And I’m certain Barrack Hussein Obama could do far more to stir interest in America ’s gun rights movement than the NRA, GOA , SAF, JPFO or SASS could ever hope to generate on their own.

What’s that I hear someone screaming?  “Hey Tex , it’s time to retire the good Colonel.  He’s gone over to the dark side if not over the edge.”

In my view, our current situation is becoming more and more like the man who had to have his first heart attack before he got serious about eating right and exercising like he should.  All those years leading up to the attack, he was told repeatedly by his doctor, his wife and friends that he should be more concerned about eating nutritiously and being more active.  His uninvolved inactive life-style was making him fat and increasingly lazy.  But he ignored all the warning signs, thinking it would never really happen to him.  After all, he’d had a good life up to now, had the freedom of movement most healthy people enjoy and experienced relatively little if any pain. Then one day, it hit him. There he was on life support; incapacitated and totally dependent on others, wondering what in hell happened.  Suddenly he saw the light but it took having the living daylights scared out of him. He finally vowed to get serious about restoring the health he once took for granted.  Who is that man—he’s many of our fellow citizens and unfortunately, that group includes some SASS members!  I think it’s going to take the real scare of a Barrack assault to get people serious about putting America back on the road to being the healthy nation we once enjoyed and always loved.

Do you remember a previous column of mine wherein I predicted that at some point these lefties would go too far and push the wrong button, stirring people to action who otherwise would have remained passively on the sidelines?  Well, I think Barrack Hussein Obama and his liberal ilk may just be that button. 

I don’t know about you but I’m absolutely sick of those who seek to destroy the country of our Founders and our unalienable rights along with it.  I’m sick of those who would impose their dictatorial will on this nation despite the objections of its people and the limitations specified within its Constitution. And I’m also getting particularly tired of those who constantly complain in private but haven’t the gumption to do anything other than whine when they find more and more of their rights have been eroded away.  

I do see increasing signs however that many people are becoming more vocal, more active and more intolerant of this usurpation of power and I welcome it.  I knew and wrote many times of those millions of patriots out there that needed only to be moved into coordinated action and We the People could and would recapture our country from those who arrogantly trample the “great unwashed” as they climb the mountain of personal political power.

How politicians do this is insidious and incremental.  One method is by using trial balloons at various levels to gauge pubic reaction before they commit themselves and risk losing their precious office.  One or two congressmen propose a bill at the federal or state level and then sit back to watch public reaction.  If the reaction is tepid, they go forward and all of a sudden it becomes law…usually hidden in some larger bill.  If it stirs significant anger, as did the amnesty bill last June, they back off and shelve it temporarily until the dust settles and people forget or they try another way to back door it.

What will it take to fuel the protest needed to quash this current trend?  It will take YOU to get actively involved and push the effort to reverse the political momentum we’ve lost over the years.  Will it be a quick and easy fix?  Not by a long shot.  Can it be done?  Yes, absolutely.   “OK Colonel, how can I help?”

I’ve written about this before in a November 2007 column entitled “What Can I Do?”  I invite you to look it up in my archives and re-read it. However, its basic premise is worthy of restating here—get actively involved.  There are three easy ways you can do that now—today.    

First and foremost do the easiest thing right off the bat—join the NRA, GOA , SAF or JPFO.  Correspond with them and support their initiatives to protect your rights.  They most desperately need your full support and they need it NOW.  Then do the next easy thing—write your representatives regularly.  Next encourage fellow SASS members or other shooting friends who may be passive to get involved by following the example you set.  Help them break the ice of taking that first step of involvement.  It will be easier for those reluctant souls if friends are by their side.  After doing that, give serious consideration to going above and beyond the call by joining in on the activities these reputable groups organize to protect and defend your constitutional rights.  Do whatever you can but for God’s sake get personally involved and do your part in helping save this great country.  Remember, we can’t depend on “someone else to do it” and America can’t go it alone or be saved without YOU.  YOU are We the People.

If it takes a Barrack attack to get more citizens motivated in the effort of returning this country to its foundational roots, then his role as the catalyst which energized the return to Freedom’s Trail will have been a valued one.  I just pray that more patriotic Americans get actively engaged to stop them before the wounds Obama and his cronies are allowed to inflict on this nation become mortal.


Just the view from my saddle…

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