Oh That Fence Rail Hurts

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

August  2008  

As I traveled the country this year and read my email every day, the same apprehension was expressed by many concerned traditionalists.  “What happened to those so-called “conservative” Republicans and what’s in store for us now?”  As the election approaches, it’s time for some objective analysis on what happened to the GOP; the 2006 GOP loss was the inevitable consequence of multiple self-inflicted shots to their political feet and sets the stage for a repeat in 2008.  Thirteen years ago the GOP was given the power of the majority they’d been begging for since the 1960’s and the unvarnished truth is they blew it.  Phony conservatives making empty promises, inexcusable pandering, gross over-spending, corrupt addiction to power and ignoring both the Constitution and their sworn duties did them in with real conservatives. 

When the Republicans assumed control of Congress in 1995 and then won the White House in 2000, I was hoping to see at least some small change in direction.  What I saw was all too familiar political bullchips.  The GOP controlled Congress passed the Campaign Finance Reform Bill and Bush unconscionably signed it, eminent domain was bastardized, spending went through the capital dome with never a presidential veto to stop the hemorrhage, earmarked pork was king, America’s borders remained inexplicably wide open even after we were attacked and thousands were killed and our vast energy resources remained off limits while oil exporting countries strengthened their grip on us.  Now why would the “conservative” Grand Old Party ever do such things?  Simply out of political fear they might offend/alienate a voting block or a big contributor…and God forbid that we profile at our own airports even after 9/11—that too might offend.  Well, their pandering fence straddling between conservative rhetoric and liberal action did offend—it offended the exceptionally powerful conservative base all across this land.

When anyone straddles a fence too long, they eventually get the rail up their crotch and that’s what happened to the GOP.  Trying to be liked by everyone so they could stay in power indefinitely, the Republicans promised conservatism but delivered liberalism. Traditional Americans saw right through it and the GOP paid the ultimate price—they were deservedly sent to the showers in 2006.  And since they haven’t learned their lesson yet, I suspect the same could be the case in 2008.

If the current war played any part in their loss at all, I’d say it was not over starting it, WMDs notwithstanding, but over adopting a limited approach and not finishing it quickly.  Imposing politically motivated restraints on soldiers when the enemy has no such restraints is not a formula for rapid success.   If an international situation honestly requires military action in order to protect vital national interests or preserve our security, then slam that bug with a big sledge hammer and come home.  Given a free hand to use the big hammer once they’re deployed, our military is very capable of smashing any bug. 

Will these Democrat quarterbacks be any better than the sacked GOP starters?  Absolutely not and that’s the worst part of it.  Because of the GOP’s fence games, I hold them responsible for creating the situation wherein the Democrats even had a chance to get in the game!  Politicians know full well that historically, anytime Americans become disgusted or disenchanted with incumbents they rightfully throw the bums out.  I wonder if those same Republicans realize just how popular the GOP would or could have been today had they told the left leaning PC crowd to take a hike and stuck to authentically traditional principles, values and virtues?  My guess is the 2006 election wouldn’t have been close and 2008 would only increase that popularity! The vast majority of patriotic Americans love solid traditionalism just as much as they hate political duplicity. 

The sadder part is yet to come so hold onto your noses, your wallets and your guns.  The GOP’s forsaking of traditionally conservative principles over the years will make the coming years even more difficult to bear and is now setting the stage for an even greater Democrat control of Congress and potentially the White House.

It’s up to us traditionalists who still care deeply about America to ensure all politicians know the real reason for the GOP loss was because they betrayed traditional conservatives by being too liberal and not because they betrayed modern liberals by being too conservative.    

How does that fence rail feel now boys?  As Wyatt said in his opening scene of Tombstone , “Hurts don’t it?”  Well, Republicans will have a few more years to think about how they betrayed conservative principles, what it’ll take to heal that political hurt and restore at least some modicum of credibility.  What do I think it will take?  A thorough house cleaning to rid ourselves of all that old entrenched wood of both parties and send a strong message to the new incoming wood—adhere to the Constitution or be gone!

I refuse to sign on to this “Modern Republicanism.”  I’ll follow the example of our founders just as I have in years past.  Party and ideological labels mean nothing to me.  I honor and try to follow the principles of constitutional traditionalism in the same vane as did our founders.  If that means I’m out of touch with modern political thought, then I am proudly out of touch.  My heart and conscience is based on the light of truth as I’ve been given the light to see that truth and I sleep well at night because of it.  Soldier on my friends….


Just the view from my saddle…

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