Political Victory Vs. America's Future

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

June  2008  

Have you noticed how victory is far more important in today’s political arena than real concern for selecting candidates that will best serve America ’s future? Did you see how many within the Republican establishment quickly fell in line for John McCain even after he strayed so often from their ranks by aligning himself with the likes of Ted Kennedy and Russ Feingold?  And have you seen how many leading Democrats jumped on the Barack band wagon when he has virtually no credible substance to back up his slick rhetoric of “change” and “hope?”  It can be summed up in one word; Victory. McCain, for all his counter-conservative maneuvers over the years has unfortunately been voted ‘most likely to succeed’ in the class of 2008 if what you’re interested in is a GOP victory.  Obama, despite his many radical, America hating associates and lack of solid credentials leads an emotional tidal-wave within his “following.” The Democrats are choosing phony form over solid substance for the same reason: Victory.  If winning politically for these bozos means America suffers as a result of dangerously inferior leadership, so be it.  Just don’t think that the best choice for political victory also means the best choice for America .  In the category of who would be best for our country, the only selection that now makes sense to me is that unelectable guy—none of the above.

Why do you say McCain’s the best chance for the GOP Colonel?  Strange as it seems, those characteristics that alienated him to patriotic conservatives, many of who are now threatening to stay home this year, are the same qualities that attract so many needed independents and cross-over Democrats giving the GOP their best shot in November.  McCain’s straying from the traditional conservative line is what attracts many of those who really can’t stand the thought of either Obama or Clinton in the oval office.  Hillary had the highest negatives of any candidate in memory going into a presidential election and Obama had the highest level of dangerously liberal naivety and down right deceit I’ve ever seen in any candidate…and for all Barack’s campaign compost about being the candidate of change, McCain’s prospects with independents are better than Obama’s! Bottom line; nether Democrat swells folks with confidence so voters may turn to McCain as has sadly become routine in presidential elections—the lesser of the evils.

As for Obama, he’s simply playing the role of pied piper to millions of disillusioned and deluded but “enlightened” voters that say they want to see “change” in Washington .  The desire for this undefined change among Obama’s throng is apparently preferable to a radically liberal executive branch that will come with his victory, but so be it.

What about Hillary?  We know Hillary’s history far too well, starting with her birth in 1947 when she was “named after Sir Edmond Hillary” [her claim]…strangely enough, 1947 was long before anyone ever even heard of Sir Edmond…and it’s been a hill of smoke and deception ever since, but so be it.  And why you may ask are so many Clinton supporters abandoning her during what was to be “the grand coronation?”  I think it’s seen as pay back for those times Bill and Hillary stepped on people climbing the political ladder.  When you lead by fear and intimidation, sooner or later your followers will rebel.  The Clintons are now seeing that hard reality unfold.   Besides, Obama is young and exciting while Hillary is old and passé.  As of this writing, do I count her out? Not by a long shot.  She’s known to do most anything in satisfying her ambitions.  I’m sure the Clintons feel certain they can clean up the mess later…after she has that brass ring of power firmly in hand.

It’s clear to me none of the three leading candidates and neither of the two major parties gives a tinker’s dam about the Constitution to which they’ve all sworn an oath to uphold.  From the squelching of free speech via McCain-Feingold, failure to provide for the common defense by leaving our borders totally unsecured then proposing amnesty for the invaders, exceeding their enumerated powers as defined by the Constitution with programs both existing and promised as well as departments not outlined therein, to surrendering American sovereignty to Mexico and the United Nations in many ways, to undermining our soldiers in combat and down right hatred for America in some cases, none of the three come close to passing the common sense test.

So what IS a voter to do?  Well, if you’re interested ONLY in political victory then holding your nose and voting for the least dangerous candidate gives you the best shot to achieve that goal even though you may feel dirty in the morning for having prostituted yourself.  If however you’re interested in what’s best for America ’s future, concentrate on electing the most traditionally conservative Congress possible at this point so as to politically rein in the new President as best we can over the next 4 years. Finally, be ready and willing to apply unrelenting and extreme heat to their political backsides so they don’t see this election as a free-pass for anything they want to shovel on us.  

Two closing thoughts—I realize conservative prospects seem dismal this election but our forefathers’ prospects also looked mighty dim years before that final victory at Yorktown .  Secondly, I fully expect to receive a ton of heat-mail from die-hard McCain, Obama and Hillary fans over this raucous rambling but so be it. I’ll happily answer ‘em all! Take heart and soldier on my friends.


Just the view from my saddle…

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