Press Conference On Gun Control: January 2013

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

August 2009  

Ladies and Gentleman, the President of the United States .

President:  Thank you. Please be seated.  I don’t have a lengthy opening statement on gun control because you already know where I stand. Just let me say that I’m tremendously humbled by the honor and the trust placed in me by the American people.  I will do my utmost to live up to their expectations and restore this country to its former, traditional glory.  With their prayers and support, I’m confident we can get the job done together and done within the limits of our Constitution.  Let’s go to your questions.

Press:  Mr. President, you are the first independent ever elected in modern times and you also have a significant majority in Congress made up of third party candidates and independents. Given the widespread protests of the recent past coupled with the historic significance of this revolutionary election, do you really think you’ll be able to govern in a unifying way?  President:  You’ll find your answer by looking at who voted for me and how many votes I received.   There were far more patriotic traditionalists that were fed up with an out of control government coming from both major parties than the press wanted America to know about.  Yes, I have the backing of what once was the vast silent majority who are silent no longer and you can quote me on that.  Next question.    

Press: Mr. President, What are your priorities?  President: My priorities will be the same as our founders—a small, limited government with power reverting to the states as originally intended.  Those states that voted to restore their 10th Amendment rights over the past 4 years weren’t just passing empty resolutions.  The 10th Amendment still stands and I intend to support it.  States are supreme and the role of the federal government is enumerated and limited by the constitution.  I intend to re-establish that relationship.

Press: Mr. President, The gun control controversy has become THE hot issue facing your administration.  How will you deal with the multitude of protests as a result of the American Security Act of 2011 wherein all guns were confiscated after the terror attacks in February of that year?  President: I’ve already signed an executive order stopping enforcement of that law and the act itself will be rescinded as soon as possible. Unfortunately, 90% of the guns confiscated under that act have been destroyed. Those that remain will be returned to their rightful owners if they can be traced.  As you know, the Firearms Registration and Accountability Act of 2010 provided the Attorney General with a comprehensive database of who owned guns and where they were located which was the essential prerequisite to the confiscation of those firearms.  We’ll use that list to return guns that were not destroyed and attempt to reimburse those whose guns were destroyed. After that, the database will itself be eliminated and the Registration Act will also be rescinded.

Press: Mr. President, another aspect of this whole gun control controversy centers on the marking and traceability of factory ammunition and the prohibition of the sale and distribution of private reloading components.  The previous administration implemented these measures via executive order, again on the heels of the February 2011 terrorist attacks stating such actions would make America safer.  Will you uphold that executive order?  President:   I’ve already directed a follow-on Executive Order be drafted immediately rescinding that action.  Let me make this as clear as I can.  To restrict ammunition sales and infringe on American’s ability to reload is just a back door way of gutting the second amendment and I’ll not tolerate any such action.  Think about it.  Will terrorists and criminals abide by these restrictions while ignoring laws against murder and mayhem?  Anyone who thinks so is delusional.  All we do with this or any form of gun and ammunition control is infringe on the rights and ability of law abiding citizens to defend themselves and exercise their God given rights, leaving them totally defenseless against those who routinely ignore the law.   As Jefferson reminded us, “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater…confidence than an armed man.”

Press:  Mr. President, as you know, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of those gun related measures so how do you propose to circumvent their ruling?  President: Keep in mind, the Supreme Court interprets man-made law; it does not have the authority to establish or counteract our Creator’s moral law.  It was the United States Supreme Court that declared in the Dred Scott case that no slave or descendant of a slave could be a U.S. citizen, or ever had been a U.S. citizen. As a non-citizen, the court stated, Scott had no rights and could not sue in a Federal Court and must remain personal property of the slave owner. That Supreme Court decision defined man-made law in 1857 but violated moral law 10 ways from Sunday.  In other words, the court’s decision was counter to God’s law and wrong.  The Registration and Confiscation Acts as well as the ammunition Executive Order were in violation of our unalienable rights and moral law regardless of what a politically active Supreme Court ruled.  I intend to right that wrong and any question about the justice of my actions can be taken up with the American people.

Ladies and gentleman of the press, I’m fully aware most of you disagree with my stance on gun control but look at the aftermath.  Law abiding citizens have been left unconscionably vulnerable while crime and terrorism thrive in an unarmed society.  Traditionally venerated American organizations like the NRA, GOA, SAF, IDPA, SASS, reloading companies, many arms manufacturers and ranges all across America were put out of business.  Say what you will about me and my administration, I really don’t care.  Were I to pander to you for good press over this or any issue, I would betray traditional Americans everywhere as well as our national values and I’ll just not do that.  Now I’ve got work to do, we have many wrongs to right.  Have a good day….


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