Random Reflections

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

March  2009  

It always amazes me how so many people can get so excited about elections and actually believe things will radically improve because some politician says so… but only if you elect them of course!  And many of those politicians slinging such compost are the very ones that have been in Washington for years and are the root cause of the same problems they now say only they can fix.  The only way things have a real chance to significantly improve is when we get angry enough to throw out the political elite on their collective kiesters and elect solid Constitutionalists with solid moral character. 

Throughout the recent, endless campaign, the left repeatedly said they wanted to bring “fundamental change” to America .  What they really want to change are America ’s fundamentals in order to bring about the country they envision.  My take—it’s our fundamentals that must remain unchanged if we hope to save the country our forefathers envisioned.

Have you ever noticed that during the primaries, candidates of the same party call each other everything but a child of God and tell us how unqualified their opponents are?  Yet when the general election rolls around the primary losers change their tune completely telling us now how wonderful their party’s nominee is.  Example: Hillary/Biden/Obama and Romney/McCain.  Well, they were either lying to us then or lying to us now since both descriptions of the same person can’t be right.  Bottom line; they’re lying.

The only bona fide reason politicians can possibly have for objecting to requiring proper identification as a prerequisite for registration and voting is that they want illegals, felons and dead folks to vote—several times.  Failing in their push for no ID at all, why do many then press for driver’s licenses to be issued to illegals?  Answer—Motor Voter Act of 1993.  This act enables people to register to vote when applying for a driver's license—by mail or in person—making it harder to verify the identity/qualifications of those wanting to register.  Politicians who aren’t supporting identification are supporting corruption.

Have you ever noticed that when a team, company, school or whatever starts to fail, the leadership comes out with a groundbreaking announcement—they’re “going back to the basics.”   Well my question has always been this, if you already know the basics are a solid path to those winning ways, why did you ever leave them in the first place? All you did was waste time and money…and where the government is concerned it’s always OUR money they waste! 

I remember as a kid the first time someone gave me a bag of foreign coins.  As I looked at each one, I saw that those from the poorest, most defunct countries were made of the cheapest material you could imagine…aluminum, tin, zinc or maybe even pot metal.  When compared to our silver coins of the 1950’s, there was no comparison.  Even as a youngster I could tell whose money had real value.  Now look at our composite “silver” coins since 1964 and the Lincoln penny that is now zinc with a thin copper coating.  What’s that tell you about the path were traveling and the worth of our money compared to 50 years ago? Where our money was once backed by gold and silver, it’s now made from cheap metal and backed by even cheaper government promises.

Finally, “We the People” must reclaim a traditional hold on our rights and our country or we risk losing both.  When elected authorities refuse to enforce the law…as in holding their own to the same legal and ethical standards they arrogantly impose on others or when government refuses to investigate major corruption in one party but zeros in on even minor infractions by the other party, when the law is subordinated to money and power, when they refuse to protect and defend our borders we’re in deep trouble.  When government doesn’t trust the people with firearms and tries to control everything from the number of guns you can buy in a month, to the way you can or cannot carry them, to how you must store them, to the amount of water in your toilet, to the kind of light bulbs you use, to the amount of money you can save for retirement, dictating when you can start to draw on that money and when you must start drawing on it, we’re in deeper trouble.   When those who swore an oath to uphold the law, ignore the law, there is no law and “We the People” must depend on ourselves to preserve both the law and the country. 

Just the view from my saddle…

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