Random Views Of The Battlefield...

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

June 2007

Below are some thoughts that never independently made it to column status…yet… they’re just some isolated views from my saddle.  

~ Any politician that took a sacred oath of office and has done little or nothing to actually stop the illegal alien invasion of America and/or supports the merging of the US, Mexico and Canada under the Security and Prosperity Partnership program into some form of North American Union is a fraud and doing much greater damage to the sovereignty and well-being of our country than Benedict Arnold ever did. 

~ Any leader that tolerates border incursions of any kind; armed or not, with no strong retaliation from America deserves incarceration on a charge of criminal negligence, subversion or collusion. 

~ Any politician that took a sacred oath of office and has voted for or signed legislation whose authority is not specifically rooted in or traceable to the Constitution is a fraud.  

~ Any politician that took a sacred oath of office and opposes laws that require proof of citizenship before being allowed to vote or advocates any social benefits for illegals whatsoever is a fraud.  ~ Any politician that will openly stand up and ask “What’s in it for me despite what’s best for America ” is just being honest about his priorities and twisted principles.  

~ Can you imagine… America’s at war after being attacked on our home ground and we have troops deployed but inexplicably our borders remain wide open while our “leaders” consume themselves over the firing of 8 minor prosecutors, who will pick our lettuce and what kind of light bulbs we should use—small things occupy small minds!  

~ Term limits will limit careerism in Washington .  

~ Arrogance on the part of national leaders has fueled many past revolutions…and so it will be with future revolutions. Washington would do well to read history. 

~ I don’t see how we can ever expect to win this current war when our political leaders are so PC in the extreme that they’re terrified of “offending” the enemy!?!  Does that make any sense at all?  How about we try winning this war the old fashion way—let’s just kill that enemy by the truckload—you can’t offend a corpse.   

~ Until our enemies deathly fear US reprisals from courageous American leaders more than they smell weakness, we will continue to be attacked worldwide.  

~ I’m looking for a non-PC leader who will stand up strongly in defense of America and abide by our Constitution.  If anybody finds one, please let me know. I’ve had it with elected “leaders” who consistently sell out America — does it show?  

~ Why do we still send foreign aid to those who hate us?  And by the way, can someone show me where the Constitution authorizes foreign aid in the first place?  

~ One of the coming terrorist assaults I fear will be in the form of a computer-generated attack on America ’s financial institutions. 

~ If you think most national politicos run for office because of some saintly spirit of public service, spending millions seeking a job that, on the surface, pays an infinitesimal fraction of their campaign investment, I have a parcel of land on Mars I’d like to sell you.   

~ Why does the left express great concern over Mitt Romney as a Mormon yet welcome with open arms Keith Ellison as a Muslim?  

 ~ There’s nothing fair at all about the “Fairness Doctrine.”  Anything that violates the First Amendment in such a blatant way should see its sponsors in chains; not in Congress.  

~ If the goal is actually a colorblind society, why do we still have a Black and a Hispanic Caucasus in Congress where the example of that colorblind society should be set for the rest of the country?  

~ The most admirable college sports figures in America come from our service academies.  They consistently play their hearts out against an often physically larger adversary and after graduation can look forward to a professional signing bonus of Lieutenant or Ensign pay and “playing their next game” in places like Iraq or Afghanistan.  

~ Sports figures that take performance enhancing drugs shouldn’t be playing at all let alone have their names in a record book.  It wasn’t their talent, it was their drugs and that’s fraudulent. Maybe we should put the name of their drugs in the record book instead.  

~ How can America tout the mantra of “Equal Justice under the Law” while so many unethical politicians are still walking the streets unfettered?   

~ Why is it that a public display of Christianity is often challenged as a violation of the Constitution while similar displays of other religions go unchallenged under the pretext that we should be more inclusive, tolerant and equitable?  

~ “Constitutionally” removing the site of God from our country may serve only to remove our country from the site of God…and that scares hell out of me.  

~ Why is it that Americans believe anything politicians say whatsoever given their indisputable 200 year track record?  

~ Don’t believe in Fading Freedom?  Think back to what we could do as kids that we dare not do today. 

~ All these “other” Democrats running for President are really running to be Hillary’s Vice President. 

~ These Republican pundits who say Hillary will be ruthlessly challenged for her party’s nomination and is unelectable in November 2008 are assuming the process will be fairly conducted, without threat of reprisal, above board and judged by an informed, caring electorate.  I don’t assume any of that.  

~ Most gun organizations correctly insist the right to keep and bear arms is inalienable; God-given. I often wonder though what these same organizations will do the day a socialist leaning government arbitrarily negates the Second Amendment. Will politics trump the divine?  

~ I hate political labels because they often link you to a group with whom you may only share one or two views…and the labels themselves change.  Compare the terms “Liberal and Conservative” of Jefferson ’s era with those same labels today. I consider my personal political philosophy to be one of traditional constitutionalism. I can read the Constitution for myself and it’s pretty darn clear.  

~ Finally, the shooting part of CAS falls about third on the list of what I enjoy most about this sport. As it always was with soldiers, its being around you fine cowpokes that’s been my greatest reward.


Semper Vigilans

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