The Sacketts

“…Tyrel took  nothing for granted. He was a right suspicious man. He liked folks, but never expected much of them. He figured we were all human, all weak at times, and mostly selfish. And we all, he figured, had traits of nobility, self-sacrifice, and courage. In short, were folks, people.


Tell Sackett from “Treasure Mountain”  

If you have never read a Louis L'Amour novel or short story, you are missing out on some of the greatest tales of the old west ever written.

Below is a link to chapter seven from The Daybreakers, the first Sackett novel written in 1959 (copyrighted in 1960). There is also a link to the Louis L'Amour website.


The Daybreakers

Louis L'Amour


I stepped down from the saddle and slid my Winchester from the boot, and pa looked at me. "Somebody gave you a beating," he said.

    "He didn't give it to me," I replied, "I fought for it."


    ...Orlando Sackett from "Lando"


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