The Second Is As Sacred As The First

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

November  2002

It seems to me that many in our pro-constitution crowd are always sitting on pins and needles waiting for the next gun related tragedy, hoping beyond hope that next one never comes.  The lament becomes, ‘These incidents just have to stop or more of our constitutional rights will be legislated away by media supported crusaders.’  Let’s face it; incidents of people getting shot will never stop.  Whether it’s a tragedy of 1 or 21, people will get shot—the odds just dictate that in a country of over 280 million; you know it, I know it and just as importantly, the left knows it.  In fact, they rely on it.

The left knows that on any given day somewhere a gun will be misused and the more dramatic the incident, the better. They will then focus much of the blame on guns and pro-gun groups rather than placing the spotlight where it squarely belongs.  The one who pulled the trigger, the government agency that refused to prosecute or the parent that let their child run wild will seldom incur as much culpability in the press as the gun or the “gun lobby”.  Truth doesn’t have a role in their script.

Additionally, no two cases, like these latest shooting incidents, are ever entirely alike, they all have unique causes and outcomes—ask any of our resident lawmen about that.  However, the picture we see painted by the media, is that guns are the root of all evil in every instance.  They can and will whip up the most horrendous image of an event and the final conclusion, specified or implied, will always be – “…therefore we need more gun control.” 

Frustrating?  You bet.  But the left has something we don’t have in this fight—the vast public platform that provides them the constitutionally protected capability under the First to focus blame.  The liberal propaganda machines we call the news media at this moment in history control the platforms of public information and can therefore paint any picture they want and use that to ascribe blame—no matter how misplaced.  Think how different things would be if an honest accounting were given and blame focused on the killer himself, shared by whoever let this nut out, or who refused to enforce the law or those who failed to properly supervise and rear their children.  What if the actual implement used was never mentioned because in reality, it doesn’t matter what was used?  Do you think we would have all this anti-gun fervor in the country today?  The answer is clearly NO.

Thinking that the only way to retain our rights is if these incidents miraculously stop, is ludicrous.  We are at war with this anti-freedom, anti-Bill of Rights machine that effectively uses these incidents and its constitutionally protected ability to focus blame in order to further an agenda of disarming America.   

Reason, talk and hope are not effective methods with this bunch of freedom grabbing crusaders or any group that pushes an extreme agenda portraying the Second as sinister rather than sacred.   We have to take the offense here and continue proclaiming the truth about every such incident, demand full punishment for violent felons, vote pro-gun in every election as a united, single issue block and refuse to accept this left wing heifer dust.  Most importantly, we absolutely must make it clear that we refuse to compromise our constitutionally guaranteed right to keep and bear arms. It’s clearly up to us to unapologetically maintain that the Second Amendment is just as sacred as the First they so vehemently and publicly defend.

The Second Amendment is still in place and that’s fact—we must never compromise nor pay tribute to tyrants who try to subjugate or infringe upon those rights—period.  We’ve been pushed far further than we should have ever allowed ourselves to be pushed on this issue and it’s up to us to ensure our message is strong and uncompromising.  No one ever won a war, or a Super Bowl for that matter, based on defense alone—the ‘prevent defense’ is a myth.  An effective offense based on truth concerning our sacred God given rights of self-preservation will win in the long-term. I’m convinced of that.   It would be my suggestion that pro-gun groups consider the following actions:

1.  Tell the anti-gun crowd in no uncertain terms that our Second Amendments rights are sacred and therefore non-negotiable—ever.  Right up front and without a hint of apology, let them know that we will work to help educate and train people on gun safety, we will support enforcement of the laws against murder, robbery, rape, assault etc. but we will never discuss compromise or surrender of our right to keep and bear arms.  That has to be made clear—first and foremost.

2.  Make use of other forums to ensure the truth is presented more effectively—The Sierra Times and Fox News are excellent examples.  We can’t rely on the mainstream media to help us get a message out that is counter to their agenda.

3.  Publicly reward success regarding effective punishment of violent felons and encourage demonstrations of respect for law-abiding citizens and their rights. 

4.  Put real and unrelenting pro-gun pressure on every elected official at all levels and sustain it until we win! How?

5.  The leadership of all pro-gun groups must renew their efforts at unifying gun owners and transforming them into an even stronger and extremely effective and more focused political force throughout the country.   That takes a large membership coupled with a hardcore drive on the part of the leaders to join forces, organize and focus member enthusiasm, prepare it for the battle ahead and supply the overall strategic plan and direction to be executed by that force. It must constantly provide the members with action to be taken that support the overall strategic goals and objectives—they must more actively mobilize, coordinate and direct the force so to speak.  That Combined Force Forum using the virtual world of the Internet I wrote of is one very effective way to coordinate a national force and direct their combined efforts.

6.   Finally, we should steadfastly stand along side and encourage gun manufactures to fight government attempts at blackmail and/or extortion to the extent of actually moving their factories out of punitive states, taking their tax revenue with them and rewarding other states that are fully supportive of the Second Amendment.  The loss or gain of revenue always gets a politicians attention.  Expensive business for the gun maker?  You bet, but the alternative may just be no business at all.  Besides, I’m betting that the first gun manufacturer to stand up and tell the government of State A, “Goodbye Mr. Governor, the Second is sacred too and we won’t tolerate these unfounded attacks--we’re moving to State B”, or The Second is sacred and it’s on that point we make our stand so Don’t Tread on Me. would instantly become the most popular gun maker in America and sales would explode!  I hope it doesn’t come to that but it might one day.   

 Those are half a dozen of my ideas about what it will take to resurrect the ideal that the Second is just as sacred as the First and rekindle that part of America’s original Spirit of ’76.  

 Just the view from my saddle…  



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