Washington Politicos: Report To My Office!

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

February  2006

OK, do we have everyone here from both parties?  Senator Frist is the Senate present?  Check.  Congressman Hastert how about the House?  Check.  Chief Justice Roberts, is the Supreme Court in attendance?  Check.  Mr. President, is the executive branch here? Check.  OK good.  Please sit down; I want to get started.  Sergeant Major; lock the door.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let there be no misunderstanding; I didn’t call you here to pat you on the back for doing such a great job leading America.  I called you here to kick your butt for letting her down in too many ways.

I’ve heard our President describe himself as being a patient man—well I’m not—especially where I believe dereliction of duty is concerned.  I’ve never had an abundance of patience anyway but what little I had ran out with you folks—and that’s the purpose of this meeting.  When I think of what our Founders gave us and what our politicians have done with it, I get ill.  Frankly, I’m disgusted with how you’ve shirked your duties, ignored your oath of office and trampled on the Constitution.

Don’t look so insulted. Let me explain a few things you apparently don’t understand.

You’re America’s civilian leaders—those who’ve been charged with a supreme responsibility and given the highest honor man can bestow on another—leadership of a great country and a great people.  However, that mantle of leadership requires more than a sign on your office door and comes with more than a fancy title and black limousine.  It requires a high degree of responsibility, solemn recognition of the meaning of sacred honor and keen awareness of a personal obligation…to America.  It seems you’ve forgotten that.

It’s clear to me anyway that you’re much more concerned with personal ambition, petty bickering, political power and enhancing your own self-interests than you are with serving the interests of America and her people.  America’s structure of government is not about increasing the office holder’s power.  It’s about sincerely doing what’s best for America and her citizens—something you’ve ignored.  This pursuit of personal and partisan interests to the exclusion of all else has gone on far too long and now threatens the foundation of our country.  That behavior is going to stop!  You are NOT here to enrich yourselves or see who ends up as king of the hill—that game’s for little kids and supercilious adults.

Another game I’ve seen you play that really puts a burr under my saddle is this constant pre-occupation with political pandering.  You’ve collectively taken that endeavor to new heights just in my lifetime.  You’ll pander to anyone, promise them anything, totally waste unimaginable amounts of money and even go so far as to place this country’s security at extreme risk while stepping on people’s rights if you think you can weasel a few votes to win an election!  I can’t tolerate any official that’s willing to betray his sacred oath and forsake his stewardship of the public treasury by the billions merely to gain political plums and the superficial perks of Washington D.C. 

I can’t fathom anyone being so eaten up with the pursuit of power that they intentionally, spitefully and hypocritically ruin others while putting their country in jeopardy just to enhance their own position on America’s leadership ladder.   Whether you realize it or not, your actions on this score are obvious to most honest Americans and it makes them angry to the bone.  That blood sport will come to an immediate halt my friends!  Is that clear?  Good.

Each one of you took an oath to uphold the Constitution, preserve, protect and defend.  That oath runs much deeper than your shallow campaign promises and its percepts are your sacred duty.  It’s an obligation to America taken in full view of America—a binding pledge to both God and country.  Your actions are to strictly adhere to that Constitution and be uncompromisingly bound by it.  It is the ultimate law of the land and not a pliable, flexible living document whose fundamental meaning can change on the whim of anyone sitting in this room—to include the Supreme Court!  Any questions so far?  Good.

Even though you took that sacred oath, each branch of government has repeatedly and flagrantly ignored their constitutional obligations in shameful ways.  

One of the more serious sides of “preserve, protect and defend” concerns our borders—north, south, east and west.  The defense of America against all enemies foreign and domestic is the primary mission of the Federal government but regrettably, you have all failed here at home.  Any country that cannot or obstinately refuses to control its borders is not long a country.  Politicians that are willing to trade the security of their nation for cheap labor, votes or campaign contributions are unworthy and don’t deserve the honor of their office. I can’t understand nor will I accept this any longer.  Your blatant neglect of America’s border security, particularly in a post 9-11 world where it’s a known fact that al-Qaida is pursuing or already has nuclear weapons, is absolutely mind-boggling and the very highest form of dereliction.  Whom should Americans hold responsible when the next group of terrorists cross our uncontrolled borders and kill thousands more—perhaps with a smuggled nuclear weapon?  The buck stops with everyone here…and that’s especially true of the Commander in Chief who has the power to deploy forces along the border to meet this threat very decisively and very forcefully.

Now, this public political backstabbing over the war after you voted to deploy our forces smacks of subversion.  Your irresponsible behavior emboldens our enemies and undermines our troops who are fighting in America’s service at your direction.  Treating GI’s that way is inexcusable—it stops now!  If you want to argue your differences regarding national wartime policy, do so, but I’d prefer you did so behind closed doors.  When those doors are then open, I’d like the world to see a strongly united and resolute American government.  Just as there is unshakable strength in unity, there is exploitable weakness in division. America must stand united against this enemy or many others will die. Understood?         

Finally, concerning the Constitution, my words will be just as straight forward as those of our Founders when they wrote it.  Their words aren’t hard to understand and you don’t need a law degree to interpret what they said or what I’m about to say.  If what you want to do isn’t specifically delineated in the Constitution, you are not authorized under any circumstances to propose, implement, manipulate, rationalize, twist or even think about it.  You will adhere strictly to the Constitution—no exceptions.  And that goes in spades for the concept of “…shall not be infringed.”  If America thinks we need to change any part of that document, there are prescribed ways to do it and your grand ideas, pandering whims, or personal ambition ain’t it—not even close!  Got it!?!   

Now I want you to think about what I’ve said, go back to work and change the way you’ve been doing business by about 180 degrees—on this point there’s no room for discussion.  Are there any questions about that whatsoever?  No questions?  Good.  I’m glad y’all see it my way.

Keep one thing in mind:  America will return to and remain the country our Founders originally envisioned.  It’s not a personal or a political playground for those unconcerned with or oblivious to her welfare.  The Founders didn’t create this unique government just to satisfy your selfish need to hold office in perpetuity and control every aspect of peoples’ lives.  America is much greater and more important than any of you—individually or collectively—don’t ever forget that.  You’re here for one purpose only—to faithfully and honorably uphold our Constitution, serve the greatest country in history and its citizens equally and fairly. 

Hear me now—you will put America’s security and her interests at the top of your priority list and abide by our Constitution. Understood?  Your top priority is NOT to get re-elected at any cost nor make that office a lifetime job.

I know you can succeed if you would just act like principled statesmen instead of gutter-trash politicians.  I have great faith in our nation’s patriots—they’ve never let us down.  You all could be included in that group—even if you have been acting like self-absorbed little potentates.  Now go forth and do great things for our country and make America proud of you.  Strive to uphold your sacred oath and be deserving of your high office.  Fulfill that grand mission of carrying on the legacy of our Founders.  Be worthy of those who honorably died for this country for in so doing, you’ll earn the everlasting admiration and respect of those who honorably live for this country.



Just a daydream from my saddle…

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