We Need A Combined Force Forum

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

February  2004

It is not in numbers, but in unity, that our great strength lies; yet our present numbers are sufficient to repel the force of all the world.   ~ Common Sense, Thomas Paine ~

The Army of the Gun Grabbers has yet to peak in their efforts to attack the Second Amendment.  We can expect additional assaults by the media, many in Congress, gun control groups and numerous state and Federal agencies, so the question a lot of folks ask is, “What can and are we really going to do about it?” 

There are multiple actions we can take ranging from individual letter writing to mass civil disobedience, but my particular concern stems from a past when I was focused on command and control of a military force.  Actions taken by focus groups can be successful, but that action must be properly coordinated in combination with other supplementary organizations in order to be effective or the separate groups will oft times end up as road kill.  Individual or stand-alone efforts are easily ignored and disposed of, but a focused, combined force, properly coordinated is very different.  The question is how to effectively coordinate that force and focus it on a common objective. 

There is no dispute that combined and coordinated efforts are much superior and infinitely more formidable than disjointed, uncoordinated and sometimes even conflicting efforts.  Unfortunately for America however, the anti-gun, or I as refer to them, the anti-constitution crowd, have learned to effectively employ this strategy better than our pro-constitution side.  They can, it seems, at a moment’s notice, generate numerous marchers and focus on a single event, speaking with what seems to be, one voice in support of their cause…that “Million Mom March,” anti-gun law suits, the Confederate flag…you name it, they are there in focused numbers.

We have the NRA, GOA, COA, JPFO, SASS, SAF, LAS ad infinitum…and upwards of 80 million gun owners on our side that seem to be prosecuting this cultural war somewhat reminiscent of a herd of cats—good hearted creatures, but too often, not really interested in what other cats might be doing.  While I applaud their dedication and intentions, I have to ask, why can’t these groups close ranks and mount a coordinated, strong and effective counter-attack? 

I get frustrated at times with our side’s inability to mount an effectively coordinated effort in support of Second Amendment issues that draws on the strength and capabilities of like-minded groups and focuses all that pent up strength and energy on a specific action or goal. 

I have in the past, offered some thoughts on a plan that calls for such a combined effort…80 million, 20 million, 5 million…even 2 million speaking with one voice, demanding respect for, and obedience to, the established constitution could not be ignored by even the most thick-headed politicians!   Do I think we can get there over night?  No.  But we do have the technical means today to establish a combined, highly coordinated and focused campaign very quickly. I have one simple suggestion that we might run up the flagpole to see who salutes it. 

These pro-constitution groups should join forces and make full use of a web based forum to establish and facilitate a coordinated and combined force effort to fight this cultural war.  Let’s establish a command central via a common web site that could be used by the leadership of these various groups to discuss, decide upon, plan and then coordinate and focus whatever actions are necessary.  If it’s letter writing, word has to get out so that the mail is a coordinated avalanche focused at the right time and at the right people.  If it’s demonstrations, we need to generate numbers in massive proportions and provide guidance and instructions on when, where and what will be happening.  If it ever comes to civil disobedience, we definitely need to ensure all are on the same set of orders and participating in a combined and coordinated way so that we not only achieve the intended goal but that we also leave no one hanging out to dry alone and spinning in the gun grabber’s wind. 

There are some embryonic examples of this today in the Second Amendment world whose initiatives I enthusiastically salute and which clearly demonstrate the interest that exists across America in preserving the founders original dream.   

Our own Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is a real leader in this regard.  SASS has a Territorial Governor’s (TG) forum on their SASS Wire for example, that serves to unite the local SASS leadership from all around the world to discuss topics of shared interest and concern.  The TGs use this forum to distribute information, discuss SASS-related issues and generally coordinate and unite the team.  This is a very efficient, inexpensive method of focusing a large group, passing out information, discussing process/procedures, up-coming events and generally organizing, informing and focusing a large and geographically-dispersed group of people.  It is brilliant in effectiveness, cost and simplicity.

SASS has also been an extremely active leader in supporting gun rights the world over.  As recently reported by the First Lady of SASS, Justice Lily Kate, SASS #1000:

“SASS employees a full time Lobbyist and has been able to over-turn a couple of gun laws in California…[and] has brought in and turned-around quite a few anti-gunners.

SASS sent the General and Wildshot about 15 months ago to the United Nations in New York and Wildshot went to Australia about a year ago. The whole mess came about because of the young Japanese boy who was shot in Louisiana on Halloween a couple of years ago. Japan put a resolution in front of the UN that Americans should not be able to own firearms. President Bush's administration was also there, as well as the NRA. When that resolution was defeated, Japan tried to “back-door” a similar resolution through Australia (because of their anti-gun stance and disarming their citizens).  That's when SASS sent Wildshot to Australia to fight the resolution again.  Japan’s attempt to pass the resolution was in the news quite prominently and Texas State Rifle Association also sent out a blurb about it. Specifically because of this incident, I joined Second Amendment Sisters (they sponsored the march to counteract the Million Mom March), The Second Amendment Foundation, and several other groups to help fight the "second" Japanese attack on America. Since then, the Judge and I have been actively working with these groups to counteract the anti-gunners.

EVERYONE needs to stick together to protect our Constitution first, which, in turn, protects our Second Amendment rights. We have strength in numbers!”

As Kate points out, it can be done but we need to stick together—Kate echoes Thomas Paine himself with her sage advice.

We have the technology and I suggest that the HQ of all these like-minded, gun-rights organizations from the NRA to SASS open discussions centered on joining forces, establishing and then making effective use of a national network in a focused way.  It’s time to unite those 80 million, currently disjointed, pro-constitutionalists and make it a real force to be reckoned with by the left. 

Think of it – a united and centralized web based forum that could be the foundation of an effective combined force in support of pro-constitution issues and actions--focused and speaking with one voice at the right time and place!  The leadership of the NRA, JPFO, GOA, SAS, SASS etc all joined on a single, jointly funded, secure and password protected web site so as to guard against potential invasion by anti-gunners, discussing, planning and coordinating a force of millions--tremendous potential and unlimited possibilities exist that we have only dreamed of thus far. 

What can you do?  This will require a movement on the part of the membership to urge the formation of such a centralized site.  Let's try something easy here and see what response we get.  If you are a member of one or more of those organizations such as the NRA, GOA, SASS, JPFO, SAS etc. and think this is a worthy idea, contact the headquarters of that organization and suggest it. Even easier, copy this column, paste it into a letter or an email message to them and see what happens.  Might be interesting—might even be the rebirth of that unified strength Thomas Paine wrote about more than 230 years ago.

Just the view from my saddle…


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