What Can I Do?

by Colonel Dan


The Cowboy Chronicle

November 2007


“They tell us…that we are weak – unable to cope with so formidable an adversary.  But when shall we be stronger? Will it be when we are totally disarmed…Three million people, armed in the holy cause of liberty…are invincible by any force which our enemy can send against us.”  ~ Patrick Henry ~

I get a lot of email on a lot of topics but that which boosts my spirits and tells me there are more solid patriots out there than the media or radical left would have us believe are those asking: What can I do to help restore that “Spirit of ‘76? 

What I’ll suggest is nothing magical or complex, just basic.  The best operations I’ve ever seen (military or civilian) have been the simplest plans boldly executed by dedicated people. Simplicity works best when applied with dedication, intensity and enthusiasm.  Nor do I want to pontificate or issue orders.  I retired from issuing orders about 12 years ago.  I’ll just offer a few thoughts about what individuals can do to help win this cultural war. 

The real key to forcing any governing body into effective change is for the governed to go on offense in great numbers. Just as Americans demonstrated during the immigration amnesty bill uproar in June, we must roar.  We must show resolve, intensity, determination and controlled anger pressed in the face of our political leaders—leaders who are driven to appropriate action only by credible threats to their public image, political office and personal power. Intense, vocal and extensive pressure from America ’s heartland is critical to all the suggestions that follow.

Know thyself.  First, you must determine where you’re willing to take a stand before you decide what you’ll do and how far you’ll go.  Then when the time comes to put up or shut up, you won’t be as torn when the pressure is greatest. Don’t start something you don’t have the heart to finish and don’t be a bar room hero—the ones that have bigger mouths than brains.  I avoid braggadocio because those who talk most perform least when the chips are down.  Still waters run deep while shallow waters just babble.

Get actively involved.  Join one or more active pro-constitution/pro-gun groups then support them with your time and money.  Volunteer to help out with and attend their functions.  Read about and discuss current issues, books, articles and kick around ideas face to face, via email and over the Internet with your fellow patriots—you’ll be encouraged by all the like-minded folks you meet.   

Don’t expect to totally agree with every stance your group takes on every issue nor will you always agree with the tactics employed to fight every battle, but don’t quit just because of a few disagreements.  Keep your eye on the big picture.  It’s that final objective we’re interested in not every rock we must step over in getting there.

Push for organization and coordination.  Encourage your group to join forces and fight in a combined and coordinated way with other groups…something I’ve always advocated if we are to have a solid chance of success. By this I’m not suggesting that all groups fold into one.  What I’m advocating is the coordination of specific talents, resources and actions of these separate groups toward a common objective.  Coordinated and combined forces are far greater than the individual parts and the establishment of such a combined force is the most effective means of taking action.  There are an estimated 80 million gun owners in America and if even 10%, 8 million, stood together, they would be an immovable force…but they can’t do it as 8 million individuals. They must be organized and focused as a coordinated force—see my essay We Need a Combined Force Forum.

Speak with conviction, act boldly and don’t compromise on principle.  Politicians, the news media and the nation must know how strongly we feel about preserving our freedom…we must “yell like hell” and in great numbers!  They must realize we mean business and that we will act boldly in preserving that freedom.  Weight of numbers with a unified, bottom line message is more important than the exact words sent.  Politicians are more impressed by sheer numbers than one or two eloquently written letters.  So continually flood them with email, phone calls, faxes and letters and be willing to take to the streets if necessary in support of what you know is right.  Let your determination and resolve shine through…leftists are frightened of strong and uncompromising resolve built on truth.

Support those that support America. Money talks, so as much as possible, do business only with those companies and people you know who stand up for traditional American values. Banks that issue credit cards to illegal invaders is not a bank I’d support as an example.  Just as important, let those businesses know why you are or are not supporting them. Be polite but very firm.

Temper your anger and enthusiasm“Those the gods seek to destroy, they first make mad.” Don’t allow unchecked anger or excessive enthusiasm to overrule good sense.  Rushing down that trial will lead you into an ambush and that’s not what we need to win.  A professionally executed plan by a dedicated and focused force is more effective than even the largest band of irrational players. Let your actions speak very loudly and keep your cool.  Cool heads always prevail while unchecked rage leads to destruction.

Don’t get discouraged. Don’t be taken in by lies and think all is lost. Question everything that comes from the mainstream press and every politician—take nothing at face value.  Many in the anti-freedom camp will make the most outrageous statements telling you they’re winning because this is what the American people want so you better jump on board…after all, it is for the children!  Most Americans will never call them on these lies.  Don’t be deceived.  You know the right of it, so show them the courage of your convictions.  Hang tough and be determined…don’t let down and don’t let up, challenge the lies at every turn and never give up.  

Vote and encourage others to vote. Never think one vote doesn’t count.  If everyone felt that way, we would indeed be lost.  I don’t presume to tell anyone how to vote even though I do have some strong feelings about my own approach. 

I see myself as a Traditional Constitutionalist—certainly not a Republican or Democrat. I’ve been gravely disappointed in both major parties and have and will continue to vote my principles. If that is viewed as a lost cause by those who say I may be throwing my ballot away, so be it. I can’t see where voting your principles is ever a lost cause. Again, I’m not telling you how to vote, just to vote.

Work for your candidates.  The more you actively work to promote those that will stand up for our causes, the more people you will attract to jump on our wagon. That jumping on and joining in builds the momentum needed to make a real difference.

Read about the founders and their struggle. This can be inspiring and give you inner strength.  Pick a few favorites and get to know them.  They faced tremendous challenges but through dedication and perseverance, they won the cause to establish a free country inspired by God.  Should we do less to preserve it?

Pray for America. Regardless of what political correctness dictates, prayer is a real combat multiplier so pray for the survival of the country God Himself inspired and that we are now in danger of losing—from within and without.

This battle will be fully joined only when we, the so-called “silent majority,” are motivated enough to show Washington that we seriously mean business and will not be silent—far from silent and certainly not sheepishly submissive. It will be won only by personal commitment and enthusiastic dedication to coordinated action.  We must set the example for all and push those groups to combine their resources to fight as a coordinated force.  People are impressed by good examples and willingly follow those with whom they’re impressed and respect—be an example.  Lead, follow or get out of the way, but do so with gusto and dedication.  Stay positively focused, never compromise on principle, never give up or permit your resolve to be diluted, challenge the lies at every turn and pray.

Preserving freedom has always been a tough fight, but the renewal and preservation of that original Spirit of ’76 is worth it.  Such personal commitment to live freely will become not only an everlasting memorial to our ancestors who took up the fight in those years that were America’s past, but also a precious gift of insured freedom to our descendants in those years that will become America’s future.

Just the view from my saddle…

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