"Handguns" and "Hipshots" by Skeeter Skelton

I have put together here some articles published in Shooting Times Magazine in the late sixties, the seventies, and the early to mid eighties that Skeeter Skelton had written in their "Handguns" and "Hipshots" column. Though some of the articles are somewhat dated, they are still interesting to read. 

I will add to this list as time permits.


Handguns - March 1967

Handguns - November 1968

Handguns - May 1969

Handguns - July 1969

Handguns - September 1969

Handguns - May 1970

Handguns - July 1970

Hipshots - August 1972

Hipshots July 1982

Hipshots - November 1984

Hipshots April 1987

Hipshots - August 1987


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