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Colonel Dan is a Cowboy Action Shooter and a life member of the Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) #24025. He writes a column for their monthly publication The Cowboy Chronicle and was kind enough to give me permission to publish these articles on my website.



A Call From The White House

America's Child

America Must Want Freedom

An Open Letter To Aspiring Candidates

Battlefield Memorials Transcend Politics

Capt Baltzel: An Original American Patriot

Climate Change And Extinction Are Natures Ways

Colonel Dan Wins In A Landslide

Common Sense And The Political Battlefield

Common Sense Doesnt Require Statistics

Congress Shall Make No Law

Constitutional Relevancy: The Hard Reality

Courage Of Conviction Is The True Spirit Of 76

Cowboys, Soldiers And Cowboys Again

Domination Through Incrementalism

Duty Honor Country: A Memorial Day Tribute

Election Observations Of A Cav Guy

Election Reform I'd Like To See

Executive Orders And The Next President

Founders Ranch In Jeopardy

God, Guts And Guns

Hate Crime Is Thought Crime

Have You Ever Wondered Why

Historys Natural Progression

Hollywood, Parents And Heroes

How Does That Fence Rail Feel Now Boys

How General Is The General Welfare Clause

I'm Encouraged

I've Yet To Hear A Credible Answer

I Refuse To Listen Anymore

Major Paul J. Weaver MIA

Media Opinion Polls Are Best Ignored

More Gun Control Is Looming

My Idea Of A Campaign Speech

My Personal Voting Plan

My Thoughts On War

My View Of An American Patriot

Naitonal Priorities And Americas Foundation

Not Theirs To Give

Obama May Just Be The Man We Need

Oh That Fence Rail Hurts

On Leadership

One Less Republican In Camp

Our Right And Our Duty To Be Armed - Everywhere

Patriots Will Stand United And Strong

Personal Disclosure Statement For 2004

Phases Of Civil Stability

Philosophy, Principles And Pundits

Political Victory Vs Americas Future

Press Conference On Gun Control: January 2013

Random Reflections

Random Views Of The Battlefield

Reforms For Our Time

SB357: California's Guns Into Paperweights Act

Second Amendment Absolutist

Several Sure Signs

Stay Armed With Facts And Firearms

Stay Focused On Soldiering

Taxes And Fools

Terrorism: A Good Defense Is A Good Carry

The Case Against Washington Incumbents

The Cowboy Way Of SASS

The Eyes Of A Soldier

The Founders Words Reveal Intent

The Phenomenon Of Critical Gun Mass Revisited

The Question Of Character

The Second Is As Sacred As The First

Thoughts On Combat

Trust Me Charlie Brown

Violent Felons Are Not Peaceable Citizens

Washington Politicos Report To My Office

We Need A Combined Force Forum

What Can I Do

What Might History Say Of Us

What Now

What The Courts Said

When Do Rights Become Privileges

When Liberals Lie About Guns

Why Any Gun Laws

Why Don't Politicians Just Do It

Why Oppose Tax Cuts

Why Study History





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